The History

Cattle and land have always been at the roots of the Coleman family.  A second generation cattlemen, Tim Coleman spent his days watching his father build Vintage Angus Ranch in LaGrange, California.  Learning hard work and commitment to excellence.  A diversified agricultural background gave him the drive to create his own brand.

In 1994 the foothills ranch was purchased and Sierra Ranches became a reality.  While the original cow herd was Angus based Sierra Ranches soon realized the need for genetic diversity.  In his research he found Herefords to be the perfect match for his Angus based cattle.  Seeing the advantages of heterosis in their own herd led Sierra Ranches to seek out the most elite Hereford genetics in the country and bring them home to the foothills of California. 


Tim and Kara Coleman along with their children Tyler and Kathryn are actively involved in the day to day operations of Sierra Ranches which not only includes the cow herd but also farms including vines and nut trees.  

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