Welcome to Sierra Ranches

Established in 1994 by Tim Coleman in the heart of California, Sierra Ranches started as a Purebred Angus and commercial cow/calf operation. The ranch expanded to include farming some of California’s signature crops: Walnuts, Almonds and Wine Grapes. After incorporating Herefords into their commercial herd and seeing the success of the black baldies, the Coleman Family integrated registered Hereford cattle into their operation in 2011.

Leaders in the Industry:
Tim is knowledgeable of the Angus industry after growing up on his dad’s Purebred Angus operation and starting his own herd in his early 20s. As one of the first operations to integrate registered Herefords in California, Tim sought the best donors to begin his herd and quickly saw the benefits. In doing so, he helps supply California’s commercial cattlemen with the best pedigree and highest-performing Hereford cattle around.

Developing a Legacy of Stewardship and Pride:
Sierra Ranches values the quality and care of their cattle. All of the commercial cattle at Sierra Ranches are IMI certified through Source of Age (SAV), Non-Hormone Treated Cattle (NHTC), Low Carbon Beef (LCB), Cattle Feeder Preferred (CFP), Verified Grass-fed, CARE Certified, and Verified Natural Beef.

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Setting Up Future Generations for Success:

As a hands-on, family-run operation, the Coleman family motto is, “Focusing on future generations.” For Tim, means creating a successful and sustainable business for his family and his community. The ranch is managed by Tim and Kara Coleman. Their children, Tyler and Kathryn, grew up actively involved in the ranching operations and assist in showcasing their cattle in the show ring. Already preparing for the future, Tyler has taken on more day-to-day operational duties, giving Tim time to concentrate on other faucets of the ranching activities. Through the addition of Purebred Herefords, Sierra Ranches maximized both their purebred cowherd and their commercial cow/calf operation for future generations. Through their emphasis on quality, Sierra Ranches has benefitted the California beef and cattle industry as a whole.

Why We Are Here:
Ranching is a way of life for The Colemans. Sierra Ranches is in the heart of Central Valley—located in Modesto, California. This area is where Tim found his passion for raising livestock, and where he and his family has called home for decades. Tim has been fortunate to work with a great team of cowmen who helped form Sierra Ranches into what it is today. Call or click here to learn more about Sierra Ranches’ cattle sales and offerings.