About Us — Sierra Ranches

Our Story

After growing up on his dad’s Purebred Angus operation, Tim Coleman knew the livestock industry was the place for him. He began Sierra Ranches in 1994 as a Purebred Angus and commercial cow/calf operation. His wife, Kara, joined the operation after their marriage in 1998. Despite its size, Sierra Ranches is still a tried and true family-run operation. From roping cattle to office work, Tim and his family are involved in all aspects of the ranch.

Sierra Ranches is set apart from other operations because of its focus on diversification and quality for future generations. The couple focused on diversification early on, and soon added the farming of Walnuts, Almonds and Wine Grapes to their business.

To further diversify and fill a gap within the California cattle market, they added registered Hereford cattle to their operation in 2011. With few registered Hereford operations in the Central Valley area and their dedication to quality genetics, Sierra Ranches quickly became known for providing the California beef industry with high-quality Hereford cattle.